Step by Step Guide to Rank YouTube Videos [100% Legit Trick 2022]

When you think of ranking videos you think of ranking in a google and YouTube search through your targeted keywords. Gone are the days when there were some shortcuts to rank your videos’ quickly using black hat techniques and keywords spamming. google and YouTube both are smart enough to rank videos that fulfill users intent. If your Videos Keywords and description are poorly crafted and not serving users interest then there are zero chances of getting your views on your videos.   This guide will guide you step by step ingredients that will make your video ranked on YouTube and Google search engines. You can outrank your competitors if you follow White Hat Methods recommended by  YouTube and Google official guidelines and strategies.

The 11 best tips for YouTube SEO Conduct keyword research first.

  • Choose keywords with good reach potential.
  • Use a good video title.
  • Add tags relevant to your video starting from long tail keywords.
  • Write smart descriptions with keywords in it.
  • Edit the file name to main keyword.
  • Create transcriptions and captions for the videos.
  • Make longer videos. A well-ranked video and well done YouTube SEO can help to increase exposure even in standard SERPs. A popular video that inspires many people to click over to the brand website can also indirectly help to raise the rankings of your site itself.

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