is it helpful to make a blog to get orders from fiverr?

If you are worried about not getting orders on fiverr then you should work aggressively to get the attention of buyers.Don’t do mistake of redirecting your hard earned traffic from your blog to the fiverr because fiverr is not reliable and you don’t have any control in it if they disable your account with any reason without any explanation.

It’s not a Good approach. Why you are redirecting traffic to fiverr? why not directly add your own phone number or website so people contact you directly to hire your services.
Fiverr is the place where you get sellers who already come to fiverr and know well. You are on Fiverr due to the reason that the seller comes on fiverr where you get money after 20% deductions.
Why not you use the same approach and write content to attract real buyers who can come to your site and buy form you?
I am sorry if i asked you so many questions but these are intended to help you and not to discourage you. I was also on fiverr from last 4 years and were offering SEO services but now i have my own website and after 4 to 6 months of extensive writing seo friendly content, i am generation $1500 to $2000 per month from my own site where i don’t have to rely on third platform and getting local buyers who can talk to me and contact me for their work and send direct payments to me for their work. The total website cost was around $800 including content, domain plus hosting etc.
I think you should do the same and use fiverr as a temporary source of income and not a long term as they can disable your account anytime without any reason and you will loss hopes and reviews you earned after so much working.

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