5 Mistakes New bloggers & Freelancers Should Avoid

There are some mistakes which most of newbies and freelancers do due to information overload they learn form various SEO blogs.If you are newbie and want to make long term money for your blog then you should avoid following mistakes before you expect some return for your content.

  1. Avoid Building Backlinks,instead build content: Can you imagine a new website can get backlinks with few content or no content? why someone will give you a backlink with no authority and with no useful stulff? in the eyes of google,building back links unnaturally is a spam? Instead build content for real people using problem solving approach or Informative approach.Add “call to action” at the end of your content.This way you can earn money in long term with no risk of hitting any Google update.Remember exchange of links like directories or bookmarking no longer works and avoid so called SEO experts who advise you. Google warns such kind of exchanging back links.
  2. Start from Local audience: Write Content for your local audience first.For example,you know very well what your local population looking for on internet.If you are from Pakistan,then try to see what they are searching online and what you can offer. How you can help local businesses solve their issues. Some of the issues which i noticed are ,they are looking for VCC cards for forex trading, adwords, Facebook etc which are not available locally. UBL wiz card and MCB lite works but they do not work for Forex Trading and skrill verification. You can offer alternate cards and offer them at some profitable price.You can search online to offer them cards like entropay, neteller or else. Similarly,you can see what doctors,lawyers and other professionals are looking for online. You can then write informative content with  solutions to them.You can use this idea to target any niche you are good or have passion to write on it.You will not get immediate results but in long term people will content you through website to buy your product or service.
  3. Be Patient to get Profitable Results: Freelancing takes time before you earn profits.Whatever freelancing platform you join,it will certainly take time to get work.IT took 3 months  for me on fiverr to get first order and after 3 or three years i was earning $1000 per month from fiverr. Same goes for upwork. I was earning $400 to $600 per month from upwork and then i started my own website and now i am getting steady income around $3000 per month.Don’t lose heart if you are not getting order from fiverr or upwork. Use these tips to get quick orders on fiverr and use same concept on upwork. As a long term i will suggest you to make a website and promote that website to get stable income.
  4. Focus on your Skills or Learn New Skills: Always focus on your skills and bring innovative ideas to earn reputation that can be monetized online.If you are good in writing then offer writing services like resume writing,content writing or any topic you are good. If you are good in cloth designing then learn designing skills and offer services in designing. Following are some topics that you can build your Freelance website:Here is a list of job categories.
    • Web, mobile and Software Development
    • Content Writing like blog posts,newsletter,resume writing etc.
    • Sales and Marketing of products and then brand it at your own.Check Oberlo or Shopify.com for your product ideas and training.
    • Admin Support to small companies who can’t afford on site employees due to minimum wages law or else.You can contact through linked or their website and offer help as a virtual assistant.You can do same on fiverr, upwork as well.
    • Accounting and Consulting services to small companies or individuals.

    Here are some Free books on Freelancing that would be helpful.

  5. Don’t copy other people business ideas. Focus on Feasible business idea that is easy to implement and make you feel joyful.All business ideas are good but you should implement the idea for which you have time and resources. Even zero investment (or minimum investment of 30 to 30,000 Rs to have your own website) can make you profitable if implemented in better way. If you have money but don’t have time then hire a digital marketing expert who can help you implement your idea into website.

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