How to Get UK Phone Number in Pakistan

Many people want to Get UK phone number in Pakistan for their personal or business use.It can help you in different ways for your business and personal use.You can even mention this number on your visiting cards to show to your customers if you are a business man.Although there are some forwarding numbers that you can use for free to get calls but paid number can give you many added advantages as it will work for life time.
Some of the free solutions are below where you get call forwarding.

All these above sites give you  Free UK Number to Pakistan like 070240XXXXX (+4470240XXXXX) where you can divert your callt to the local Pakistani mobile or land line number.By using these sites you just need to sign up form their website and add local number where you want to receive calls.

  • You can avail the following features without paying any money.
  • No monthly Payments, No Fees & No Contracts.
  • You can Re Route your number in few seconds without any complexities.
  • You can add new numbers everyday and as many numbers as you want.
  • You can even change the caller ID form their dashboard.
  • Easy to navigate Control panel for users once you signup.
  • You can get extra features like fax to email and free minutes.

Disadvantages of Free Numbers:

Free stuff always come with some advertising benefits which most of the users don’t know.These numbers are good for short term use or for some immediate use but not in long term. Most of the time there will be network problems,call distractions or voice errors.You can’t use this number for a business purpose because any one who make call will get advertising tones while making calls which leave a negative impression if you are using this number for business use.Above all you can’t get Customer support for this number if there is any problem.

How to Get UK Phone number in Pakistan for your long term Personal or Business use?

If you want to get premium solution for your business or personal use then you can get UK Phone number in Pakistan with many added can sue this number in Pakistan without any issues and can use it like a normal local number in Pakistan supporting local networks.

Get USA Phone SIM Number in Pakistan

Free incoming calls if some one is calling form UK just like a local uk number
Calls, data and SMS from 1p per minute
You can make Cheap international calls from Pakistan using your UK number.
Free incoming calls when you travel abroad (in over 95 countries) without asking any special request and extra charges.
This number is best if you are regular traveller around the world or a tourist who don’t want to lose his business while travelling.This number Coverage in 195 countries.
You can Roam on your existing number and can add  Virtual Numbers of the destination country without disturbing your present number.
You can get Free premium global WiFi access.

If you are interested in this number then we can get it for you for 8000 RS only and with $30 balance you will get it for 11500 Rupees. You can call for details or mail through our contact us page.


  • Zaib khan

    Zaib khan


    I Need a UK and Australia Contact number.

    • admin



      Yes,its avaialble. Total price $120 or 14000 Rs with $30 balance. This one sim come with USA/UK builtin number and additionally you can add australis number as well. Call/whatsap at 03125334949 for details.

    • abdul ayub

      abdul ayub


      Hi need uk number which operate from Pakistan
      Thank you

      • admin



        Available for 15000 Rs SIM Number that come with two numbers USA and UK with $30 balance in can WhatsApp or call at +92 312 5334949 for more details.

  • Sadaqat Ali

    Sadaqat Ali


    How to Get Pakistani mobile Number in uk

    • Tariq



      Available. Please whatsapp or call at +92 312 5334949 or email at [email protected]

  • Khuram



    hello… I need a UK phome number. cost?

    • admin



      Call or whatsapp at + 92 312 5334949

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