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Free yourself to grow a meaningful business doing what you love as a solo entrepreneur or freelancer. Tailored to the needs of creative people, developers, and consultants, this course includes real, practical tools including 30 beautifully-designed HD video modules, guides on customer contracts, drafting proposals, business planning, and more, and interviews with already-successful freelancers working in design, web development, and consulting.

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During the course, you’ll develop a customized strategy that will power the growth of your business. As you learn topics like customer intelligence, product design, sales in the web 2.0 world, and strategic service design, you’ll apply your knowledge and power your business strategy. This course is not a “get rich quick” scheme–it is for people who have real ambition to make money doing what they love on their own terms.

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I can see that most of the people here striving hard to get orders on fiverr and Upwork and other platforms. Fiverr and upwork already too saturated and newbies can’t get orders and have to earn feedback through fake reviews. Seocndly fiverr can ban your account nay time and the reviews you earned would go waste. From my personal experience i can tell you that there are thousands of other ways to get the clients directly without these freelancing platforms and for clients this doesn’t matter if you are from USA,UK or Pakistan. They are more concerned towards work quality and not the platform you choose or choose your English names and identity to get the work form freelancing platforms.

I do hiring from fiverr only and no more as  a source of earning because already scaled my business to next level and now a company. If you have skills then the best and successful way to get long term and sustainable earning is to make you own website and grow organic traffic for your specific skills. Start from Pakistani users. For example if you are graphic designer then you can rank your website easy in Pakistani for the keywords like “best logo designer in Pakistani” “professional graphic designer in Islamabad”  “ web designer Pakistan”  “graphic designer freelancer”   “Poster designer” and many more. Just localize the idea and start from local.

If you are a good content writer then why not you write content for yourself instead of working for others? If you love travelling and good writer then make your own travel website and offer your services as a tourist guide, car rental, hotel booking etc. There are many more ideas that really worked for me in short time.

You can write blog and content on your own website or hire a professional writer to write content for Pakistani audience. Google is very friendly for local individual business and you don’t need any link building for ranking. Once you do local then you can go global a swell and don’t worry that people don’t pay you without paypal.

Even if you don’t have any skills then you can hire other people work for you when you get clients or projects.

Ps: I am not a good writer but a good SEO expert and made simple website in 2016 when fiverr ban my account. Although I opened new accounts and earned but not enough. I work continuously on my own website and got first project of 15000 rs after 6 months. Then after a year I got 3 tasks. Now after three years I have more than 10 writers working form home ad each one earn 50,000 to 150,000 Rs where more than 50% of revenue come form Pakistan. Although dealing with Pakistanis are difficult especially when you ask for advance payment but they need your service because no alternate to them. You can still manage Pakistani clients by giving them some reasons. I usually ask to pay in installments or pay as you go” method though conventional bank accounts.

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