3 Ways to get USA Phone Number in Pakistan

Getting a dedicated USA Phone number in Pakistan is not easy to get that you can use for long term.Although many call centres have already installed VOIP systems which is complex and expensive for small business to get them.If yo can own you have an Internet access then your own dedicated USA number where you can make and receive free calls on one time minimal charges. Here i will suggest you legal ways to get USA number as per PTA rules so you can use them without any fear of legal issues.

Following are some of the ways you can get USA Phone number in Pakistan:

VOIP Hardware Evo Size Device as USA Phone number in Pakistan:

This is a small ptcl sized Evo like device which you can use with your laptop,pc or any system having USB plug.This device is best for business use for long term purpose.If you are a freelancer or small business owner then this device is highly recommended as you can get the unique number of any US state and city.
USA phone number in Pakistan to make free calls

The best thing is that you can get majicjack app as well that can be used with your handheld android or iphones.This choic eis best for businesses who want to mention their name on business cards for long term.

Google Voice Number to get USA Phone number in Pakistan:

Google voice number is also reliable which you can use form your PC.laptop or through your smart phone app.Unfortunately,this number is available for US only but you can get it by using VPN or by changing your IP to USA.

Skype Number

get usa phone number in pakistan
Skype is another working option for Pakistani users where you can get dedicated number to make connection with friends,family or your business.

  1. Send instant messages
  2. Make Free Calls from Skype to Skype or any USA/Canada number just for $5 per month.Rest of the world rates are $10 per month.You can chekc detailed rates at skype offcial site.
  3. One month Free trial on Skype.
  4. You can forward your Calls to your local number in Pakistan even you are offline.
If you want to get us create a USA phone number from skype or if you don’t have credit card then we can get it for you on reasonable charges.Our credit cards support Skype numbers biuying.

Selling of other countries SIM is illegal so please don’t buy Phone SIMMS of other country.You will be responsible for any illegal buying and selling of SIMMS.


  • Ejaz Ahmad

    Ejaz Ahmad


    Hello, I want to buy skype number for my company.

    • admin



      Yes its available.You can call at +92 312 5334949 for details.

  • Mudassir Ali

    Mudassir Ali


    Hi, I am Mudaasir Ali can i buy usa number in Pakistan?

    • admin



      Yes,you can buy and use USA number in Pakistan.We have USA and Uk sim with dual number on one sim.Price is 14000 Rs.
      You can contact at whatsapp number +92 312 5334949

  • Tech Danger

    Tech Danger


    Hi! Can I get a Google Voice number in Pakistan?? If I can, how can I??

    • admin



      Available for 1500 Rs.

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