Backlinks Strategy for Pakistani Freelancers and Bloggers

If you are a newbie blogger and freelancer then focus on building your blog content base don your personal experiences.Try to understand the problems your niche user may be and provide solution in your blog.This way you can build audience and chances are there they will pay for your help if you offer services similar to your audience problems.

For example,if you are a SEO expert then you should write content that provide solutions to specific niche.You can write tips how a doctor can earn money through online consultation through website.You can even write how a local contractor can search for new business opportunities through advertising.These are just examples and if you are expert then you can write target specific content for your readers who can even hire your services if needed for which you can charge for the consultation.

Avoid Building Backlinks,instead build content: Can you imagine a new website can get backlinks with few content or no content? why someone will give you a backlink with no authority and with no useful stuff? in the eyes of google,building back links unnaturally is a spam? Instead build content for real people using problem solving approach or Informative approach.Add “call to action” at the end of your content.This way you can earn money in long term with no risk of hitting any Google update.Remember exchange of links like directories or bookmarking no longer works and avoid so called SEO experts who advise you. Google warns such kind of exchanging links.

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You should write “How to guides” and add valuable sourcesĀ  to your targeted audience.Try to understand people problems and write about them.Don’t go blindly behind the keywords search strategy.There are many unexplored keywords which people search but don’t find the content.Fro example,if you are form Pakistan then you will know what people are looking for and how you can provide then solution in your niche.

Give local touch and tone to the content to attract targeted audience.For example if i am a car dealer then i should write content for people who might face problems in car selection.You should write content how Suzuki Mehran is a good option for small family and how it is economical.You will ultimately recommend Mehran to low income family. Also you can create guide how to get new Suzuki Mehran and how you can help car financing. You can similarly write in other niches as well.Here Suzuki Mehran is a local touch which google search engine also loves. You can write guide about some mechanical problems that may occur and can provide solutions with videos. If you search online then you will find little content on it.So her is the chance that you can get for your business.

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This is an approach for freelancers and bloggers who can convert their skills into paid services.If you hav any other strategy then do comment below for others.


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