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Many people are curious about promoting their gig on fiverr so they can convert into sales and earn money.

To promote my best sold gig (now it have more than 1000 reviews – please see attached picture), I followed next steps:

– I created dedicated social profiles & landing pages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube & Pinterest, to share any new articles & videos I created later for my gig;
– On G+, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook I followed targeted people from niches of SEO and from different geographical areas (USA, UK, Canada, Australia) – also I used some Fb ads to target people;
– I created social accounts and published many articles on Issuu, Scribd, Slideshare & Academia;
– I bookmarked my gig for each day on TOP 10 social networks: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc;
– I created tens of YouTube videos to promote this gig;
– I created many micro nich blogs to promote this gig (on Google, WordPress & Blogspot).

Fiverr gig SEO involves the following:

  • Title Optimization to the buyer’s perceptions
  • Optimization of image or making a video client pitch
  • Description relevancy to the Title
  • Category tagging
  • Algorithm signs to rise up the gig in searches (Important)

Try places like:

  • Facebook Friends (or Groups)
  • LinkedIn Network
  • Friends & Family

You can even send them the Fiverr affiliate link, which (depending on the current promotion) may give them a free gig, and give you a few bucks too.

The key here is to actually deliver the gigs and ask for honest feedback of your service. A 5-Star rating is nice, but getting some tips that can help you improve your service is even better.

So now you’ve got it, where and how to promote fiverr gig. Make sure that you have a nice gig with clear description. Promotion will bring much more visito in your gigs but if they are not professionally written, you will end up with zero sales. So invest your hours in developing your gigs, make them more professional, clear, and appealing so they can convince a client.

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