Technology trends that will revolutionize Marketing in 2022

A normal person these days spends a fraction of his day on social media. It has become a need of the time. Personally, I am amazed by the technological innovations we get to experience with each passing day. It is amazing to have a reach to almost all information that could be available at any point in time, right in your pocket.

The world has practically become a global village, and as per the research conducted by the CEO – Influence-Central, “Stacy DeBroff”, 2017 will be an important year for companies to focus on the innovation of the social media marketing for their brand revolution. DeBroff has come to a conclusion that the key consumer facing industries will become even more accustomed to the requirements of their customers and to latest lifestyle trends.

Current focus on data analytics and technological start-ups will lead to artificial intelligence being the key to an increasingly complex business world. The big data available through social media will help companies perform predictive analysis and the website content optimization will help them market their products more effectively by identifying what and where to market.

Based on my observations, there are several major tech trends that when interconnected, are likely to revolutionize the world of marketing in 2017. The foremost of them all is the forthcoming revolution of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology resulting in associated working of smart home technology. Up to now, every technology giant has preferred disassociation in pursuit of market lead, however now big companies like Amazon, Google and Apple are getting involved in the concept of uniform user experiences. I expect this merger, if it happens, to bring some major advancement in the coming year. If this becomes possible, the marketers will be able to provide customized content based on all the real-time data that is available.

Next to IoT comes augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). We have already seen some major advancements in this category, for example Oculus Rift, Pokémon Go, etc. Both of them have experienced millions of downloads indicating that the market is already ready for these applications. Virtual reality is likely to find its way to excel by marketers optimizing content to fulfill the growing visual needs of customers. In addition to that, the evolution of live streaming has modernized social media experience however; it still remains a widely unexplored area by the marketers, which is going to be a platform to work in 2017. I believe this year to bring better practical prospects for these applications, leading to ample marketing opportunities to follow.

The third technological trend which is likely to be trending in 2017 would be machine learning, which has already shown its action in the past few years. A famous and well-recognized example of this would be its emergence and assistance in enhancement of the algorithm of Google’s search engine. Although there are limited examples of the technology, I would rather assume it to emerge across the board as it has the potential of practical solicitation in almost any of the consumer applications being used today.

The concept of artificial intelligence tends to become a new normal, and incorporating the concept for marketing and advertising would help companies offer better recommended products based on prior purchase history to gradually improving the user experience of an analytics app.

Fourth in the line would be automation, as it is likely to become a backbone of the advanced technology in 2017. There have been robots in almost every industry now, and I expect them to further become a part of more practical areas of industries. It’s likely that we see productivity climb sharply in near future, as it won’t be long when robots help automation of previously human-centric jobs. When automation combines machine learning, it can lead to an adventure in technology improvement. I expect marketers to use this technology to help automate idea generation and implementation, based on the consumer data available.

The fifth step to revolution would be the availability of visual, empathetic and qualitative humanized big data, which we have been hearing for many years now. However, this will never lose its charm as the more relevant data available helps improve chances of better planning and better campaigns. The possibilities of humanization of big data with both automation and machine learning will help make it qualitative and sensibly visualized helping to make advertising campaigns targeted and customer centric. Less spam emails in the inbox of a prospective customer will help them focus on the products marketed and increase the chances of purchase.

Keeping in line with the discussion, at sixth spot I would place the integration between physical and digital worlds. In present day, it’s rare to see anyone without a smartphone at any given time, giving us access to practically infinite information in the real-world. Online shopping has become the most convenient way to shop today and has already reached its edge with site-to-store purchasing. However, innovation never stops when it comes to human ideas. I believe the next steps in 2017 will be addition of further digital features in the online stores of the brands. The one marketer that comes up with the idea first will lead the market.

With so many online facilities available on a single touch, people are getting habitual of having everything they desire on their smart phones, and more conveniently at their smart watch. We have thousands of apps for food, movies, rides, books and practically everything we can see around us. I assume this area to develop even further, keeping in line with all the above mentioned six areas, and connecting them all together. Internet of things, data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, automation, machine learning and physical to digital integration, when come together helps companies and marketers in providing people everything they demand, and practically everything they can ever think of.

Nothing is certain and there might be several surprises ahead of us, which I and you have not even thought of, but surprises are always good to have, and it doesn’t harm to have a factor of uncertainty in life.

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