Not getting orders on fiverr?Here is the Strategy

If you are not getting orders on fiverr then there may be the reason that you have not well optimised your services or the services you offer are too saturated with large competition.

I have written brief content on Quora for this how to promote your fiverr gigs to get order that will be helpful to you.

If you are form Pakistan then there are chances that you will not get orders because most of the orders are from USA/UK and they prefer to do business with same flag. Secondly, fiverr is also not good in ranking Pakistani users. I was on fiver since 2011 but left in 2016 and switched to my own website. I run three to five accounts at a time with US profiles and generated good revenue but left it because till that i developed my own website and offering same service through my own website with no middle man.I am almost generating $3000 per month direct sales and build my own team whom i outsource my work. Now i take and mange work and hire people to get it done under my supervision.

So my suggestion will be to explore other markets and other countries because fiverr,upwork and freelancer platform are already saturated and million of sellers are already there which make it difficult for newbies to compete there. You get orders only if you have reviews. Ask yourself why buyer will hire your services if you have no reviews and why not he will buy same service from the buyer who already have 100s of reviews and established reputation? 

In my opinion a newbie should make own website and with SEO techniques exp-lore the small countries by doing international SEO focused on Selected countries.People will contact you through email,phone call or online chat in your website to ask for your services. These leads could be converted to real sales if you offer value to them.I am doing same technique and instead of doing SEO for USA/Canada i target small countries and out of 10 leads 2 convert to sales and the pay me through local bank or payoneer invoice system.


If you are earning on fiverr then it’s good and if not then its excellent opportunity to scale your skills and launch your own website with the skills you have. My Experience on upwork and fiverr was good but i left both sites due to extra and free requests by buyers or they will give negative feedback. I launched my own website offering writing services. now after 2 years my income is almost 10 times more than my earning on fiverr. This journey was not easy but at least its better than fiverr where your reviews are only helpful till your account is ok but if fiverr disabled your account then your hard earned reputation go waste. In case of your website these things never go wasted.
I will suggest everyone to utilize your skills and get international clients instead of relying on fiverr.


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