Google Adsense alternative to make money in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, adsense is attributed as the only source of income if you have a website which is not true. Adsense is not considered as a good revenue source of earning money in Pakistan due to the fact that click rates are very low as compared to the level of hard work needed for such websites with a change of getting your account disabled. This is the reason we don’t recommend adsense as a source of earning especially if you thin it as a primary source of income.

It’s highly recommended if you make your website with soem real business or service idea and then do SEO for your website to get it ranked with conversions in your local Rupees. local SEO is the best strategy due to low competition instead of Focusing USA,UK etc. If you are writer, designer or have any skills then you can make your own website where you can offer same skills as a service. There is no huge investment required for your own website and you can start from as low as 15000 Rs per year for domain and hosting with premium theme it can range upto 30,000 Rs for a complete ready to launch website.

If you are professional and have some skills then always start from local population target needs. Alexa ranking or traffic not matter. Conversion matters a lot. For example i am offering writing services and it’s easy for Pakistani people to contact me and pay for my services and easy for them to trust me instead of paying to US/UK websites. Although Pakistani mind set ask too many questions but still easy to mange local people because you understand their concerns and psychology.\

Tools just give you rough estimate.these SEO tools give good estimate for big countries like USA,Canada etc because they get maximum revenue from there. For Pakistan these tools are no suitable.

Goolge will rank Pakistani website for the keyword ” blog writer in Lahore” instead of USA/UK based website if they are well written and user friendly. for Pak and Afghanistan indian websites Rank well and they pay for the services if you are offering through your website.

Want to approve Google Adsense?

If you want to get your account approved from adsense then your website must have enough content and atleast 6 months old with daily fresh content.Your website must content home,abou us,services ans privacy policy as well.

Dear if you are from Pakistan then i would suggest you not go behind adsense as a source of income.Your target should be to offer real value to the reader and get them services that you can truly offer. Gone are the days when people were attracting fake traffic and earning money.I will recommend you to make a professional website and market it to get real traffic and customers who pay you for your services.If you offer unique services then you will not need adsense as a source of income but other ways. 

I don’t know what are your expertise but what ever expertise you have can be offered through your website that can bring stable and sustainable income. Adsense is not stable income and they can ban your account any time. Secondly, their click through rates in pakistan is too low. Fro example if you get daily 10000 quality views then earning will be $0.5 to $1 for 10000 Quality views. People who are earning through adsense in Pakistan are only those few numbers who have millions of website traffic per month and that is their secondary source of income. The primary source will be direct services or offers that bring real value to the visitors.

Are freelancing websites like Fiverr,PPH, Upwork still a viable source of income?

Good for starters but not overall for long term income.I was best seller in PPH, Upwork and fiverr and earned reasonable income but all these sources are not stable source.They can block your account any time without any reason.You earn reviews after many efforts and extra work but you will mostly have to go extra to satisfy your buyer otherwise he will post negative review. But these things give great lessons as well to start your business wiht maximum control.Now i am no more on these sites and after two years of experiments and SEO of my own website now i have left all other freelancing platforms and making handsome income by offering digital marketing services through my own website. I get daily leads and convert them into sales. In Pakistan,we don’t have paypal but still i filled the gap because services i offer speaks for themselves and small business get good results. My services are unique to meet individual requirements. For example i give free consultation to them and if they ask my service then i charge fee.

PS: Personal Experience as an SEO expert. Ranked skills based websites after one to 1.5 year work on some sites and almost each website generating targeted leads and conversion with revenue 2 to 3 lac per month in Writing and designing niche.

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