Get USA and UK number for Fiverr Phone Verification [Tested Method]

USA number for Fiverr Verification is needed if you have created a Fiverr account to show your presence as US users. May people create US based fiverr accounts by using proxies or VPN to attract biased clients who use USA flag as the only criteria to get their job done.

Get International Phone Number in Pakistan for your Business

Fiverr recently Launched Phone verification for all fiverr accounts which has created problems for some users who have USA,UK or Canadian based accounts.I have seen many posts online offering different apps but non of them work now anymore.If you have tested and know any app then please do comment below so others can use it.

Most of the free available apps are not working. At least i have checked the following apps but they do not work.

Free Method:

First method is buy USA or UK Sim which will cost you around $30 to $90 for one year which can work perfectly as fiverr has already spammed most of the free available apps on google android.

Second method is ask someone in USA or Canada to give you USA or UK local number and use this to get the code. Only your friends who trust you can help you in this matter, because you may need this number in future as well after every withdrawal fiverr may ask for the code.

Paid Method: Tested Way

Lastly, i can help you get USA or UK number that will cost you around $60 for one year that can be used to get codes and calling form Fiverr. I have tested this way and i can buy this number for you as well with some profit to get those sim for you.

You can mail or contact at +92 312 5334949 for USA and UK number for Fiverr or any business purpose.



9 thoughts on “Get USA and UK number for Fiverr Phone Verification [Tested Method]”

    1. Free methods are already there.if you want sim based number with USA and UK numbet in one sim then call/whatsapp at +92 412 5334949. This will cost you $80 with $30 balance with free incoming calls world wide.

  1. Hi, how do I avoid Fiverr verification process in 2019 with my fake US account?

    I have been told to verify my account within an ultimatum of 14 days. How do I go about it?

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