Get Virtual Credit card for Forex Trading in Pakistan

Getting a Credit card in Pakistan or anywhere specially for forex trading is a difficult and complex process which is main hurdle for small businesses or individuals. UBL wiz card and MCB lite were some options that worked with skrill,etoro and other Forex trading platforms but due to State bank policies they imposed ban on their usage on Forex platforms that’s why they are no longer accepted in these trading platforms.

Here at TariqNetwork, we can provide you Virtual Visa credit card with following information:

Features & Benefits:

  • Card Price start at $2.00 with upto $10000.00 balance
  • Unlimited Rechargeable VCC
  • Card validity one year
  • No monthly or yearly fee
  • You can use any name & address in card ( you can request screenshot or picture of your card in rare case)
  • Buy anything online using the card (No country restriction)
  • Use anywhere, PayPal, Bing, Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc…
  • Use to complete CPA offers, survey, Skrill, forex,trial signup, etc…


$2 card = 12000Rs

$25 Card=4200Rs

$50 balance=7400 Rs

$100 balance=14500 Rs

$200 balance=28000 Rs

Note: The above rates may be slightly decreased and increased depend on dollar rates.

 We will send your card details, 16 digit Card Number, 3 digit CVV code, Expire date, via email in 24 hours after buying a card & send details of payment to us.

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