Yahoo Answers Posting Service| 200% Traffic Guarantee

Yahoo answers posting service manually is very difficult to find those days due to YA updates and strict policy.Any answers posting with link is marked as spam and even not visible when you sign out from the account.Posting Answers at yahoo is the one of the least common method that gives highly targeted traffic to your website or any product which you want to promote.

There are many softwares like answersasault and answerseyeultimate but they are not successful in long term due to yahoo answers strict terms and conditions.Yahoo answers no longer accept clickable links from level 2 account.Now level 3 answers get clickable answers but if you are a company and want to build reputation for your brand to get targeted traffic then still you can rely on yahoo answers by using short url, direct url without “http” to get your answer visible.

The biggest problem is that your answer is posted when you are login to your account but after you logout then it is not visible because yahoo do not accept any answer with some links.

Contact me to get yahoo answers posting Service on Yahoo answers for $15 per 7 answers.

Yahoo Answers provides both traffic and backlinks to your website. Popular sites often get more than 30% of their traffic from social answer websites (Q&A) like Yahoo Answers which means more natural visitors.

I will respond to 10 questions on Yahoo Answers, promoting your website on its specific niche.

I have multiple YA accounts from level 3 to level 5, all accounts are capable of posting clickable links, they have lots of points as well as very good “Best Answer” rate.

I will write relevant professional answers getting your website as much traffic as possible.

How does this work?

The process is simple, I will search for questions relevant to your website’s niche and I will respond to 10 questions on Yahoo Answers including your link in the response.

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