Establishing seamless communication with your customers across the world remains a primitive goal for any business. Yet, whether you’re a startup or an established business, telephone call remains the first choice of global customers. Many companies try to get a Canadian phone number in the modern and competitive industry with stiff margins and an array of niche competitors.

Why your business needs Canada Phone number? 

The reasons are simple and impressive as the Canadian market is one of the world’s top ten economies. However, its link with the US economy makes it a tough market to crack, and businesses are always searching for outstanding solutions to enter the Canadian markets.

So, we have an emerging market- Canada and its increasing telephony requirements. Statistics reveal that the digital population of Canada is 35.63 million as of January 2021. So, let us give you a detailed insight into the best way to establish your hold in the Canadian economy while keeping your operational costs low. 

As an affiliate, we’ve bifurcated the entire process for the businesses to get a Canadian phone number – starting from understanding the local numbers, VoIP providers, the quick method to find the service provider, top reasons to go for it, and the overall costs.

 Canadian phone number is a number that serves as a local Canada number but enables you to make or receive calls from anywhere in the world. This resemblance is drawn from the format of Canada phone numbers that is the Bell System Format. All Canadian phone numbers have 11 digits and include a one-digit country code, i.e., +1.

This is followed by a three-digit area code and a three-digit central office code or exchange code. Finally, the last four digits of the 11 digit are the station code. Therefore, it is easy to understand the Canada phone number format.

It is all about the different area codes in Canadian phone numbers that spread to 40 currently. There are several main area codes, including 204, 306, 403, 416, 418, 514, 604, 613, 902, etc. 

Recently, area code 367 was added. These area codes are specific to the regions and help establish the business phone number’s authenticity and actual location. A Canadian phone number example will help you understand the concept of area codes quickly.


To reach the customers located in the Vancouver area of Canada, your business number should have area code 236, area code 365 is for Hamilton, and area code 249 is for the Sudbury region. 

What Is A Canadian Phone Number Options? 

You can go for the following two options while looking for the Canada VoIP numbers:

Local numbers

These numbers are ideal for making Canada’s location the business identification point. These numbers start with the city code. For example, the local numbers for Montreal will contain Montreal phone code as a prefix, i.e., 438, and Toronto’s local number will have 647 prefixes. 

These numbers come with many benefits, including quick regional association, easy identification, and helping businesses generate revenue from the local association.

Toll-Free numbers

These are the second-most used options in Canadian phone numbers. These numbers may start with 800, 855, or 888. These are free for the customers while the businesses have to pay an additional per minute cost. 

If any business is looking to establish phone services in Canada, toll-free numbers are the best option as these numbers encourage the customers to contact the company. It also makes the business interactive and helps them pitch the latest deals and offers to Canadian customers.

How to Choose the Best Canada Phone Number Provider?

Once the business decide to get the Canada VoIP number, the actual efficacy of this mode of telephony is dependent on the Canada phone number provider. Therefore, selecting the right provider is essential to have a Canadian phone number outside Canada. 

The first-timers or the startups may feel overwhelmed by this crucial selection. Below are the quick steps to ensure the proper selection out of all the service providers available in the market:

1 ) Understand Business Requirements

It is not necessary that a VoIP provider ideal for one company may suit the needs of the other. The best way is to list the mandatory telephony requirements and go for the ideal service provider to match these requirements.

2 ) Examine Various Services

Once the list of the telephony requirements is ready, the next step is to start looking for the call quality and the uptime statistics of the service provider. The call quality is necessary for smooth interaction while the uptime ensures seamless connectivity around the clock.

3 ) Check The Type of Support

The businesses looking to get a Canadian phone number for the first time require dedicated support if there are any technical or non-technical issues. In addition, the omnichannel support further improves the customer experience.

4 ) Ensure Cloud-based Services

Cloud technology can improve the effectiveness of any VoIP provider. Thus, it is advisable to choose telephony services that support cloud telephony. Furthermore, it is essential to leverage the optimized benefits of all features, including those used in remote working. 

In addition, the storage and subscription services of the cloud make it easy for multiple businesses to offer high-end services to global customers.

5 ) Read Online Reviews

Many times, the existing users of any service provider can offer the best suggestions about their services. It is due to the first-hand experience of these users. Therefore, before finalizing any VoIP provider, it is crucial to go through different online platforms containing reviews and testimonials for the existing customers.

6 ) Go Through Pricing Plans

After having a detailed look at all the top features, it is time to look at the different pricing plans of the Canada VoIP number providers. It is easy to shortlist at least two service providers based on features and then go for the one that offers highly affordable services.

How to Buy a Canadian Phone Number in Pakistan for your call centre? 

After selecting the service provider, businesses have to follow a quick process to get a Canadian phone number. The different service providers have other techniques for sanctioning Canadian phone numbers.

However, selecting an effective and affordable service provider like CallHippo has only a six-step process for getting a Canadian phone number. The quick steps for the process are:

  1. First, sign up with the CallHippo platform.
  2. You will then be able to access the dashboard of CallHippo services by entering your username and password.
  3. Finally, go to the “Add Number” option and go for country selection as Canada. 
  4. Based on their preferences, any business can choose from various numbers.
  5. Finally, complete the payment to get the Canada VoIP number.
  6. Once the centralized virtual phone number is established, adding the different team members is easy.