Top 10 Free Sources for Pakistani freelancers

Although YouTube is one of the most favorite choice to learn skills for freelancers and entrepreneurs but there are some free source online where you can learn skills and even earn free certificates from the world top universities.


Here you can learn free courses.You just need to go through simple signup process with you email or social media accounts.Get enrolled and learn free courses almost every subject. I will recommend you to take only those courses in which you have interest and can convert into real money through freelancing or blogging.

You can even get printable verified certificates with minimal fee which i think quiet reasonable and even best than taking courses locally with no value in the market.After completing the course you can get free non verified certificate as well.Your main objective should be to learn something new and not for certificates.


Edx is also like a coursera but slightly differs in organizational structure. It’s nonprofit and runs on an open source software platform. If you are good in writing then you can start working as a freelance writing as a career.Here you will find some excellent courses to improve your English writing skills for academic or business purpose.You can even enroll for Self Paced courses  which means you can join those courses any time. For Pakistani’s i will suggest you to take following courses to become an entrepreneur:

Google Online marketing 

A freelancer without a digital marketing skills cannot survive in this competitive world. Google Digital marketing course provide you course and learning material free.You can learn and get certified in Adwords, analytics,Tags and any more.

Following are top trending Digital marketing Courses for freelancers,marketers and learners.


This learning platform is purely for commercial purpose.Here you have to pay for course registration.Although there are some free courses as well but most of the courses are paid where you earn skills by getting your self registered free.To make the paid course free you can get 100% discount coupon as well but not for all.There are few Udemy facebook groups below where you can get paid course free of cost.


Lynda offers variety of courses free and paid which you can join to learn more about freelancing and any other skills you want. They have 6000 Plus course in Business, Technology and Creative Skills taught by industry experts.

Try Lynda free for 30 days 

( if you don’t have Credit card to activate your Trial account then contact us to get Card for 800 Rupees only. We can buy complete premium account for you just for 3000 Rs.)

Also there are some Facebook groups to get Lynda courses and accounts that you can avail.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Best Learning platform who want to make career in programming,cloud computing or Building your first web app course..You can take here courses from web development to developing apps and programming. Here you can browse all courses of your interest and learn at your own pace.The best thing is you can sign up from your hotmail account and can take course free of cost.You can even download the courses in HD version.


Open2Study provides free courses to worldwide audience.A freelancer can learn courses free in their field of interest. If you want to get certification then you can avail accredited courses that will cost you some fee to get verified certificate in a range of subject areas.

These are some of the best source for freelancers and Bloggers to learn or improve their skills.If you know some other platforms then comment below to get listed here.


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