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First of all Adsense is not a good revenue source of earning money in Pakistan. Adsense click rates are too low and you will always have the risk to ban the account. So why you should go for adsense or any similar sites that give you earning for your website traffic for which you are not sure.

From Pakistani perspective local SEO is the best strategy due to low competition instead of Focusing USA,UK etc. If you are writer,designer or have any skills then you can make your website offering same skills. Website plus them cost will be 15000 Rs and with domain hosting 20,000 Rs per year is a good deal.If you are professional and have some skills then always start from local. Alexa ranking or traffic not matter. Conversion matters a lot. For example i am offering writing services and it's easy for Pakistani people to contact me and pay for my services and easy for them to trust me instead of paying to US/UK websites. Although Pakistani mind set ask too many questions but still easy to mange local people because you understand their concerns and psychology.
Tools just give you rough estimate.these SEO tools give good estimate for big countries like USA,Canada etc because they get maximum revenue from there. For Pakistan these tools are no suitable.
Goolge will rank Pakistani website for the keyword " blog writer in Lahore" instead of USA/UK based website if they are well written and user friendly. for Pak and Afghanistan indian websites Rank well and they pay for the services if you are offering through your website.
PS: Personal Experience as an SEO expert. Ranked skills based websites after one to 1.5 year work on some sites and almost each website generating targeted leads and conversion with revenue 2 to 3 lac per month in Writing and designing niche.

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