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Dwar sir. Please give me part time job in your company.


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Dear i will never suggest you do a data entry job.Do work which also build your skills and expertise and also your learning experience. What you are going to learn from data entry?

If you mean data entry to some specific expertise in excel,microsoft or powerpoint then you should be master in those tools and not just like a typist.You can make your own website and offer services like ad posting,excel data analysis etc.It will not take your more than 10,000 Rs for a website and then do soem seo to get people contact you for their data entry job.We can help you in your achievement and it can take upto one year before you start stable income.
Thanks for your valuable suggestions
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You are welcome. If you only know the basics then still it's good.If you make a website then it will take around one year to get ranking.In this time you can increase your learnign as well and write content on your website so people can see your portfolio.
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