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In Pakistan many people are behind Fiverr and other freelancing sites.

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Good for starters but not overall for long term income.

I was best seller in PPH, Upwork and fiverr and earned reasonable income but all these sources are not stable source.They can block your account any time without any reason.You earn reviews after many efforts and extra work but you will mostly have to go extra to satisfy your buyer otherwise he will post negative review. But these things give great lessons as well to start your business wiht maximum control.Now i am no more on these sites and after two years of experiments and SEO of my own website now i have left all other freelancing platforms and making handsome income by offering digital marketing services through my own website. I get daily leads and convert them into sales. In Pakistan,we don’t have paypal but still i filled the gap because services i offer speaks for themselves and small business get good results. My services are unique to meet individual requirements. For example i give free consultation to them and if they ask my service then i charge fee.
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