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Dear Sir,

i have make my google adsense since Jan 2018 but still i did not get Ads approval, what can i do for proper approval ?

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If you want to get your account approved from adsense then your website must have enough content and atleast 6 months old with daily fresh content.Your website must content home,abou us,services ans privacy policy as well.

Dear if you are from Pakistan then i would suggest you not go behind adsense as a source of income.Your target should be to offer real value to the reader and get them services that you can truly offer. Gone are the days when people were attracting fake traffic and earning money.I will recommend you to make a professional website and market it to get real traffic and customers who pay you for your services.If you offer unique services then you will not need adsense as a source of income but other ways. 

I will suggest you to go for alternate source of adsense as income.

I don't know what are your expertise but what ever expertise you have can be offered through your website that can bring stable and sustainable income. Adsense is not stable income and they can ban your account any time. Secondly, their click through rates in pakistan is too low. Fro example if you get daily 10000 quality views then earning will be $0.5 to $1 for 10000 Quality views. People who are earning through adsense in Pakistan are only those few numbers who have millions of website traffic per month and that is their secondary source of income. The primary source will be direct services or offers that bring real value to the visitors.

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