Many times while you surf on internet, you come across with the situation when you need to buy some stuff online which is mostly not available in the local markets in Pakistan.But now TariqNetwork can provide you the right solution for any product or service that you buy online form any local or international marketplace. VCC is the right choice for you which can work anywhere worldwide to shop for the apple iTunes,google adwords,Facebook ads,freelance verification or any other purpose where credit cards are accepted.

vcc for shopping online
VCC for shopping internationally while living in Pakistan.

you can use these credit cards for availing trials of MOZ, woorank and any other tools that first need you to verify with a credit card.

We know and feel how disappointing it is to try and find out your bank credit cards won’t work with international merchants offering online sales! You Can get the credit card within few hours after sending the payment to us.

See pricing Below

VCC with $2 Balance      Price 1000 Rs

VCC with $10 Balance    Price 2000 Rs

VCC with $25 Balance   Price 3500 Rs

VCC with $50 Balance   Price 6000 Rs

VCC with $100 Balance  Price 12000 Rs


Where you can use this VCC ?

You can use this VCC for facebook ads,iTunes,google adwords,freelancer, upwork verification, Paypal buying,ebay products buying and thousands of other palces.

In short, This VCC can be used any where online where Credit card are accepted.
We are reliable and you can purchase without any hesitation through bank account or Easy paisa to send money online for your purchasing.

Here at TariqNetwork.Com we make your wishes come true by offering you a powerful and 100% legal online payment solution, the prepaid visa virtual credit card. Offering universal acceptability on the internet, a virtual credit card is the most safe, secure and convenient mode for payments over the web. 

Still wondering what a VCC is? “Virtual” as it is referred to, a VCC is a prepaid credit card number meant for use over the internet. Like a conventional plastic credit card it has a 16 digit universal visa number, a 3 digit code number and a validity/expiry date. A single use virtual credit card is valid for a period of 7 consecutive days (one week) from the time of issuance (one time loadable). Re-loadable VCCs with 1 year validity are also available (extra charges apply).

Now get your VCC delivered directly to your email. Within 2 to 12 hours of payment!

  1. 16 digit Virtual Visa Credit Card number
  2. 3 digit CVV2/CVC2 code number
  3. Validity and Expiry Date (**/****) mm/yyy

With our Visa Virtual Credit Cards online shopping is a lot more fun!

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