Before Going into the details of Some Killer tips to Increase fiverr Sales you need to know about Fiverr which  is the best  online Place that allows newbies ,experts and freelancers to offer amazing services at a reasonable price of 5$, called one gig in Fiver term. The main purpose of Fiverr is to connect service provider and buyer where they can interact directly. It is the best place to earn online for starters and entrepreneurs. There are now new features like creating a Custom quote which also attracted big companies as well to offer their services. Here you can provide service, earn money, buy some awesome stuff including Word Press themes, twitter followers, Facebook likes, content writers, logo designers just in the cheapest cost of 5$. There are many peoples who left Fiverr due to low earnings and sales. And on the other hand I know many peoples personally who are making more than 2000$ per month from Fiverr. One thing you should keep in mind that any skills you offer must be backed by your knowledge and managing in a professional way. If you are not good in any skills it means you have no knowledge about it. So please don’t blame your fate and try to sort out your problems and errors from your side. The guys who leave their Fiverr career they have not much knowledge of creating gigs in the right way. In this article, I will share my personal experience about Fiverr that I am going to share with you and also some recommendation to increase sales.

My Personal Experience on Fiverr

Before i explain how I earn $650 Plus this month where I was already earning around $300 per month on average. Many people on Facebook asked me about this how my earning increase and what niche I am providing on Fiverr. $650 is not a big amount in USA, UK or Canada but for Pakistan this is considered a good income where a Government salaried person can earn hardly $500 per month by dedicating 8 hours daily and 6 days a week. But on Fiverr and any other freelancing sites you work at your own pace and define your own deadline. Your performance is measured by feedback system and good feedback can increase sales.

My fiverr Earnings
Fiverr Earning proof

But not everyone is successful on Fiverr and other freelancing sites. Actually there is already too much fraud and scams in Pakistan and even rest of the world. They hire people and ask for 6 to 8 thousand rupees registration. After registration they will offer you non skills clerical jobs like ad posting, captcha entry or Forex trade. After spending first month or few they refuse to pay for one or other reasons and after few days they even shut down their offices especially I have seen this scenario in Malikabad Plaza, Rawalpindi. Especially students and unemployed are their victims. After so much fraud they become so much fed up that they see all online work as a scam and it becomes very difficult to convince them that in this modern age there are thousands of ways to earn money but these ways you have to search and explore. Students in Pakistan are being looted by those selfish hands and even they are being looted at the hands of NTS which take fee from student and for one post about one lac student apply but job is offered to one at least and all the money gone to their pockets whose source of income is just looting and  plundering.

In Pakistan freelancing is the best available options for students to prove their talent and skills with reasonable income. There are freelancers in Pakistan who are earning $5000+ (equivalent 5 lac Pakistani rupees) per month but they never share their way of earning which is very unfortunate whatever the reason there might be. They even do not share their knowledge because they think this will reduce their income as well which is just a myth in their mind.

For Pakistani people Fiverr is the number one choice as you just need to signup normally and offer your skills for one gig which is equivalent to 5 Dollars i.e. 500 rupees. But not everyone is successful on Fiverr because most of the people want to earn without learning and do not even want to know how to improve their selling skills. There are also some guys who just create a gig and think that they will earn just by sitting there which is another myth. Remember one point here:

If you think you will be rich overnight or can get sales after few minutes or days then I will advise you to choose another way of income because this myth will just waste your time and money.

Killer Tips To Increase Fiverr Sales

Offer Services in Which You are Expert

The first rule to follow on Fiverr is to offer only those services which you feel you are expert if not then first learn some skills and then join Fiverr.

For Pakistani users I will recommend that they should do Designing work, SEO work or ad posting work. If you are strong in any of these skills on Fiverr then offer those skills.

See here some sources for free learning

  1. Elance University
  2. Udemy Free and Paid courses
  3. Coursera Courses for Freelancers
  4. Edx Courses
  5. Lynda Courses

Do Research Before Creating a Gig

Never copy other people services but yes you can research on other work and offer something better than others. Write description in your own words or just see other people description and get the idea to write description for your gig in your own words.

Do research on Fiverr by typing different keywords for your skills in Search box and see the competition. Also see reviews and type of word which others are doing.

Some useful Examples to Follow

Fiverr gig allows you to add one complete word in Capital Letters in the Gig creating service box

[sociallocker]I will—————–

Service box so it is highly recommended to capitalize your main keyword. For example if you are doing logo design then it should be typed as

I will design a BRANDABLE logo in 24 hours” or

“I will design a PREMIUM Logo”

If you are a content writer then write

“I will write a THESIS with Academic Excellence”

“I will PROOFREAD any Academic Paper”

“I will write an excellent ESSAY on any subject”

IF you think your service is not possible to offer in one gig then you can add in your description the following words

“Please contact me before placing the order so we are on the same page”
“This is not a one gig job so please inbox me to have a Flexible rates”[/sociallocker]

“Please message me before placing the order so I can send you the Custom Quote as per your requirement and timeline”

Custom quote is the new feature by Fiverr in which you can customize your order. You can add price and days after consultation with the buyer.

Adopt Low competition and Highly Demanded Strategy on Fiverr

Avoid those services which are already in big quantity on Fiverr. For example if you want to be virtual assistant then mention your skills that you can do as virtual assistant. Also offer them extra hours if you are new on Fiverr but when you get some sales then you can reduce 3 hours virtual assistant work to one hour VA work.

Add Brief Description

Secondly design a best cover photo on your Fiverr service and try to add your personal photo or your previous work. Your cover photo must speak for your services. Check other people gigs in the same service you are offering and see what uniqueness you can add in your photo so it look professional. Whatever photo you select the you should ask yourself “Why People should buy your services than others” What extra features you are providing which your competitors are not providing” For example I mostly do SEO services and while delivering my order I also send my client a free eBook or SEO analysis of their site.

Use Yahoo answers to get Sales and Traffic

Thirdly you should use yahoo answers for targeted buyers with link back to your gig in a source box. just type in your browser and type your services keyword in search box. You will see millions of people asking for help and you can tell them solution. For example I type “get backlinks” then I recommend following ways to get back links.

For example following Yahoo answer link I have posted the solution in a way that it doesn’t seems to be spam for yahoo answers and also provide solution.

SEO Example Example in yahoo Answers

First do keyword research and then build content. Always search for long tail keywords and select at least 5 long tail keywords in your niche and writer articles on each keyword. After publishing the content share it regularly to your twitter, Facebook, Google plus and linked in by using different hash tags like #wordpress  #seo  #freelancers etc.

The same method you can use for logo work, wordpress issues or any other serviced you are offering.

You can get traffic and even your gig views while sharing on social media sites which affect your gig SEO ranking on Google as well. Get Traffic for your gigs by sharing your gig on Social media profiles on Facebook, twitter, Google plus and Linked in.  Much is been said about traffic and really, the importance cannot be over emphasized. To make sales you need traffic. And how do you get this? Well I would be handing out two tips that I personally use to get traffic to my gigs on Fiverr.

Create Attractive Female Profile

Sorry ladies, but research done by me show that female profile gets more visits and thus more sales. You don’t have to be a lady to do this, just use a female US,UK and Canadian name and use Google to get a lady picture. You can use some graphic logo as well if you want to be ethical which is good use to get American, UK or Canadian name This may seem unorthodox but it is a marketing strategy ( In Pakistani Politics this is Called Asif Ali Zardari or Fazalur Rehman Strategy which they are doing just to gain money and power)  is  and for me this is logical because when in Pakistan NTS and many others are taking fee from students and giving zero outcome then you students have also some rights to use some of these means in the name of Marketing Tactic. Haahaha so funny but carry on. NTS has .org domain name but you can see their advertisements on main page as well which is their unethical strategy and even illegal because they are registered as nonprofit organization but no one can ask why they show such advertisements. Although I do not want to promote this but try to make your profile as attractive as possible.

Upload Relevant Photos to the Gigs

Upload maximum number of photos of your services which Fiverr allows. Even if you deliver the order than take screen shot of your client website and deliver with reports as an attachment. These photos will be automatically shown on your gig main page. So make sure your gig have at least three photos to describe it.

Provide the Right Services

After following the tips above and you are not selling gigs that are wanted, then you may not make any sales. Don’t get me wrong, all gigs are wanted, but some are in higher demand. Any gig you wish to sell should fall within the range of average demand to high demand. Do not sell low or below average gigs

Now Your Turn

Now after these being said, I believe you have a few questions you wish to ask and possible make a few contribution. Feel free to use the comment box to make sure contributions.If you find this content helpful then please use the following social media sharing buttons to share among your friends and like on facebook page.You can join My Freelance Forum for Fresh tips and tricks on Fiverr and can ask questions to other fellows.


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